Bangladesh is in crisis



Our dearest land of origin Bangladesh is now in crisis. The ongoing political impasse, street confrontation is creating serious bleeding of national economy. The pro and anti-liberation forces after 42 years of independence have locked horns on the street creating serious uncertainties to life and living. Continuous economy destructing programs of a vested group of criminals has already impacted upon the business, commerce and stagnated the economic growth. Some of developments like destroying national properties, holy places of different religions, burning of national flags, attacks on national monuments, brutal attacks on police, murdering political opponents are definitely the acts of the enemies of Bangladesh. The countrywide chaos and confrontations have already led to loss of lives of many innocent citizens. The anti-social elements using deadly weapons have actually declared war against people. Unfortunately some so called democratic parties and alliances instead of condemning such acts and taking sides of the people are trying to fish in muddy waters. They are desperately trying to exploit this situation to upstage the government. Some identified media and blogs are spreading venom against pro liberation forces and the government. Some brave youths initiated mass awareness at Shahabagh Cahttaor rekindling the spirits of the liberation war in Mid-February. They apparently were not satisfied with the verdict of a particular alleged war criminal. They started agitating demanding speedy trail and punishment of all alleged War Criminals and ban the politics of Jamat-e –Islami, the party which opposed the liberation war in 1971 and never accepted their unpardonable mistakes of 1971. There had been spontaneously overwhelming peoples support to the actions of the youth force at home and abroad. The anti-liberation forces became aggressive against the initiators of this movement. The bloggers were targeted as anti-Islamic forces and as usual some media and some opportunist’s individuals launched vicious evil propaganda against the bloggers. One blogger was brutally murdered and few others came under lethal attacks. Bemused Government instead of protecting the bloggers also bowed to the demand of some religion traders in launching a drive against bloggers. Some pro liberation blogs were disciplined while the blogs of some anti-liberation forces and some media engaged in spreading hatred and malice among people were not even cautioned.

All these started after the announcements of verdicts against some identified alleged criminals against humanity during our glorious liberation war in 1971. These persons were allegedly involved in the organized genocide; raping, looting and arsenal during the liberation war. They also plotted and butchered our intellectuals. The agents of anti-liberation forces were hatching conspiracy to foil the historic initiatives of the present government for a long time. Intelligence agencies were anticipating their avalanche. But unfortunately Government failed to take required initiatives in time to prevent and control these back lashes.

The evil elements have money and muscles which they accumulated over the years taking advantage of dirty politics of the ugly politicians of Bangladesh post August 1975. They grew like mushroom and infiltrated everywhere from PMO to Grassroots administration. Many believe that the evil syndicates could manage to plant their agents everywhere. As such no plans to control the subversive acts and sabotages by the Government are working well. The trouble makers are now at war against government and progressive forces .They have huge money to bribe corrupt government mechanism, they have lethal weapons to create massacre and they have sponsors in opposition politics. Their propaganda medium at home and abroad appears to be much stronger than the government.

In the very recent past a rootles organization Hefazat- e- Islam allegedly using money and resources of some identified war criminals launched a long march on some misguided demands. According to them the youth forces at Shahbag indulged into anti-Islamic activities. They however remained silent when Jamaat Shibir activists indulged in destroying state properties, destroyed holy places, attacked minority communities, killed police, derailed trains, burnt buses and transports. The pro-liberation activists had to start some counter agitation program judging the confused state of the government to resist these evil forces.

The evil syndicates of Jamaat –Shibir killers, War Criminals, Corrupt Syndicates of Opposition alliance are desperately trying to unseat the government. To them the appeal of HSC examinees, FBBCI and other business group had no values. They are behaving like hungry sharks for grabbing state power. There is elected democratic government in the country, there is an elected parliament .The next general election is due at the end of the year. Despite huge challenges Bangladesh economy made steady progress over the last four and half years. But the continued street confrontation and violence over the last few months have already caused major damage to economy. Export business is seriously affected, investors are discouraged, and many major infrastructure development projects are seriously affected.

We patriotic Bangladeshis want a political government come to state power through free, fair and credible election. We want constitutional government rule the country. We also want all criminals of 1971 liberation war gets punishment in a fair and transparent manner. We also want all acts of corruption, terrorism and murders are authentically probed and criminals are punished. We want all citizens of Bangladesh enjoy all rights and privileges provided in the constitution. Government and opposition must resolve the present political impasse immediately through dialogues and debates inside or outside the parliament. No one will gain from continued violence and confrontation. If the government worked for the welfare of the people it must not be scared to face the people in the free and fair general election. It is only a few months away. Till that time all parties must restrain from violence. We know that only the enemies of Bangladesh benefits from the present unacceptable situation. Let good senses prevail or we may soon see undemocratic third party takes over state control as everything has some limit. If BAL and BNP, the two major political parties in Bangladesh have any respect to democracy they must come to discussion table and work out the political future of Bangladesh.

About Engr Khondkar A Saleque

Khondkar Abdus Saleque, known to his friends as Saleque Sufi is a Professional Engineer [PE] of Engineers Australia and Life Fellow of Institute of Engineers of Bangladesh. He is Bangladeshi Australian and is now working In Afghanistan. Saleque graduated in Chemical Engineering from BUET Dhaka Bangladesh in 1977 and has undergone post graduation professional training on Gas Transmission from Netherlands, Gas Metering and Regulations from UK, Energy Sector Regulation and pricing mechanism at Calgary, Canada, Project Management at WB, Washington DC and ADB at Manila. He represented Bangladesh at various national and international seminars and workshops. Saleque was Bangladesh representative of SAARC Energy Ring Co-Ordination Committee. He has worked at all segments of Energy and Gas Value Chain from 1977 in Bangladesh, Thailand, Netherlands, Australia, and Qatar in planning, project management and system operation. He worked for 27 years In Bangladesh Gas Sector from 1978 -2005. His last assignment in Bangladesh was Director [Operation] GTCL. He is now working as Energy Specialist for an US Company AEAI [USAID Contractor] in Afghanistan. Saleque played cricket and soccer as professional. He is sports writer and edits a cricket Magazine Crickettomorrow [] published from Canberra Australia. Saleque also works as freelance Energy Journalist for several Energy Magazines [Energy & Power {}, Energy Bangla, E-Bangladesh].
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